Working with Local Authorities


The lack of consistency in the sector creates a number of challenges for local authorities; not least those faced with losing valuable on-site delivery and the lack of interest from the ‘traditional’ Registered Providers in small allocations and the delivery of rented accommodation.

Landspeed have demonstrated that small schemes of Intermediate units can be delivered (from single plots upwards) and that this can deliver far more value to a council than accepting unreasonably low commuted sums.

Ensuring Section 106 Deeds are worded in such a way to deliver policy compliant schemes in the first instance is a key driver, but the ability to vary tenures and ensure on-site delivery – when faced with Providers unwilling to deliver small schemes and/or rented products – should also be addressed therein. Landspeed can demonstrate that this approach works and that there should be no need to revisit planning consents seeking variations to the principal terms.