Housing Surveys

Informing an exception policy site (or even the general Section 106 obligation in a rural area) may require an updated housing needs survey, as many local authorities are either holding outdated survey data or only maintain waiting lists for rented accommodation.

Undertaking a specific survey is not as daunting as some commentators would lead us to believe and Landspeed have produced a simple four page survey form that seeks to establish need across all tenures as well as seeking the opinions of local residents on a number of housing related issues.

By working with local and parish councils a comprehensive survey can be undertaken and the results analysed to inform either a generalised or specific plan or application.

Landspeed undertook a survey in the West Sussex Parish of Walberton and the results were used to inform an exception policy planning application, delivering a single private residence and two pairs of semi-detached 2 bedroom affordable homes for local people.