Exception Sites

The ability to deliver exception policy affordable housing in rural areas is possible when a landowner is willing to accept that the resultant land receipt will fall far below that expected through an open market development.

Whilst some local authorities allow for an element of open market accommodation to cross subsidise the delivery of affordable properties (particularly useful to assist in delivering affordable or social rented accommodation and/or heavily discounted Intermediate products) it is perfectly reasonable to expect a scheme delivering 100% Intermediate products to deliver a land receipt that exceeds a ‘green field’ existing use value.

Landspeed are capable of developing exception policies in our own right as well as by assisting developers by acting as the conduit to deliver the marketing and delivery services on both singular and mixed tenure projects.

CGI exception site

In 2017 Landspeed secured a detailed planning consent for our first exception scheme – this being a small development for six new Intermediate Homes near the village of Warnham in West Sussex. The 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units were constructed on land acquired by Landspeed directly from a consortium of local residents and were available for purchase to those connected, in the first instance, to the Warnham Parish Council area.

Further exception opportunities are under discussion elsewhere in the south of England with further schemes presently mid-way through the planning application process.