Affordable Rents

Increasingly, the provision of Section 106 Affordable Rent, within smaller developments, is being compromised where Registered Providers fail to deliver. Landspeed works to find ways in which this valuable tenure can be delivered through on-site provision for the local authority. 

Where circumstances have permitted, Landspeed has acquired units designated for Affordable Rented tenure and has sought to involve Registered Providers to provide the necessary management capabilities.

In these instances Landspeed seek to ensure that any failures, by the Registered Providers, to deliver the tenure would allow for the mix to be varied to allow the units to be delivered as Intermediate (thereby ensuring that the provision of on-site affordable housing is protected in all eventualities). 

A scheme delivered in the Chichester District Council area in 2016 saw Landspeed acquire 6 Affordable Rented units to enable the developer to comply with their planning obligations (which would otherwise have potentially compromised their ability to sell open market units) and, having acquired these, Landspeed was then able to separately agree terms to sell the units to a small local housing association.

In 2019 terms were agreed with a housing association to deliver 3 Affordable Rented units in a scheme of 9 apartments in Haywards Heath.